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Friday, November 4, 2011

Of Birthdays, Paperbacks and Reviews

Spooky Launch Food
Thank you to my wonderful guest authors! Throughout October, the blog played host to some chilling and poignant true ghost stories. Please have a look in the archives if you missed them- worth a read!!

Today is my birthday. This year has been the best of times and the worst of times-- literally. This birthday almost didn't happen due to a serious flu that nearly took me out in January... but since then my health is back, and I've released my first novel. It's been a hell of a ride. I can only wonder what this coming year will bring. I started today looking out over the river while my coffee brewed: a murder of crows were conversing among themselves in frost-tipped trees below my window. I choose to see this as a good omen. Black is my colour.

I held a book launch for the paperback version of Base Spirits last month, and it was a resounding success despite damp and chilly weather. People came from far and near to help celebrate. Many books were sold. A party was had.

The book is available in e-format, but if you'd like a paperback 'real' book, please contact either of these two splendid Stratford indie booksellers: Callan Books-- or Fanfare Books-- The booksellers know me, so if you request a personal inscription, they will call me in before the book is shipped to you!

I've also had some great reviews on Amazon... and this excellent one from Easily Mused. A good birthday gift for me!

The world premiere!

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  1. Well, happy belated birthday, Ruth. Figures we are both Scorpios. ;)

    Lovely book display! Here's to a happy, healthy year ahead.