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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Base Spirits is Now Available!

WOOT! It's a bouncing baby novel! (And that's sort of funny in a really sick way, once you read the book... sorry in advance for the truly awful humour.)

I have uploaded Base Spirits onto Smashwords! You can find it here:

I'll be following up with Kindle and Nook tomorrow, and I plan on making a print version available on Amazon in due course. The files are with my local printers so I can release it around town-- aiming for early October.

Whew! I had a little celebration by going to an amazing afternoon opera concert-- a few of Canada's finest, singing some of the best 'warhorse' arias and duets. Incredible stuff. I'm still resonating to the core. I sure felt like belting out some joyful sound after finally getting my book out there, but that's best left to the experts!! Maybe now I need some of this:

Or perhaps-- in true decadent author's style-- I should have this instead, and then try to finish writing 'Kubla Khan'...

Great ad, isn't it? Not sure I'd feed it to a cat, though. Cats are weird enough without getting them all freaky on Absinthe. But they're a good kind of weird.

Please take a look at Base Spirits. If you like it, spread the word and post a review. If you're another writer and you'd like to do some cross-promotion, we should chat... leave me your contact e-mail below.

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