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Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Official

'Base Spirits' is going to be my first self-published book this September. It will not be my last.

In designing my book cover, Neil Jackson (be patient-- his website isn't up quite yet... ) asked me if I had a company name to put on the spine. Well... no, I didn't. Or at least, I didn't think I had. What's the name of your blog, Barrett? Oh yeah! So here it is:

Spirited Words Book Co.

On top of all the brilliant cover work Neil did, he also designed a pretty spiffy logo for me and my fledgling company. I searched the name to make sure no one else has used it for an existing business, then registered it with myself as sole proprietor on the Ontario Government website. If you are in the same province and are thinking of going the same route, check it out-- it's worth it to at least grab your preferred name and make it your own. The registration lasts 5 years and costs $60. I did it on-line in a few minutes. ( If you ever want to open a separate business banking account, you will need to have a name registered.

To make things more publicly official, I started a Facebook group for the book company. Please drop by and 'like' it. I'll be updating news and adding links as I go along.

Why do all of this? It puts the right kind of good pressure on me. I can't let the firm down, you see. I'll *have* to treat it like a business as well as a creative journey.

What do you think of the logo, folks? It'll make a zippy-looking business card. (Oh yeah-- business cards!) My 'to-do' list seems to get longer every day, but every day I knock a couple of things off (ta-da!). I haven't been so busy in years, but I don't mind. I know my days won't always have to be this long, and it's MY baby. I want it to thrive.

That's all for July, folks. Looking back, I sure have come along way already. Thanks for dropping by and being a part of it.

Oh... and let's take another look at Neil Jackson's superb cover!

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