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Friday, February 3, 2012

Big Hearts in February

I had a lovely incident of kindness shown on my blog earlier this week from TJ Reed. He's someone I don't know in real life, but he'd happened upon Spirited Words and liked what he read... so much so that he awarded me with a Liebster Blog Award! The rules are thus: if a reader finds a blog with less than 200 followers but feels the blog deserves more attention, they can award it with a Liebster.

I found the story of the Liebster's origins here on author Crystalla Thoma's 'Rexrising' blog which also clearly outlines the details of the rules:

First off, I'd like to thank TJ Reed for his kind nomination. His blog They Won't Get Us is found here:

If you're reading this now, why not go check out their stuff and join in the fun?

As for naming 5 blogs I think deserve more love, here are a few of the many I'd like to see gain more of a following: Stant Litore is a zombie author with a heart of gold and is capable of prose that will knock your socks off. For lovers of historical fiction, Gev Sweeney is well worth a visit. She is someone to watch. A showcase of some very exciting new indie authors championed by the tireless Anon! Horror writer Billie Sue Mosiman has lots of great books and not nearly enough followers! And lastly JT Warren-- another horror guy with heart and aspirations to help fellow indies.

All in all, it seems a lovely way to pass on the love in this month of hearts and flowers! Have you some folks in mind who deserve a Liebster, too?