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Friday, February 17, 2012

Creepy Book Trailer for Base Spirits!!

The very kind folks over at Authors Anon ( posted a brand new book trailer for Base Spirits today!

Click here and prepare to be creeped out:

Enter if you dare...

Oooh! Scary, kids! Much, much more frightening than Dr. Tongue's Evil House of Pancakes! Ar-OOOOOO!

Like what you saw? Then come check out the real deal at Amazon Kindle:

Or if you'd like an even more real paperback: or by mail order from my local Stratford indie bookshops, Fanfare Books ( ) or Callan Books ( If you order through my locals, I can sign & personalize the books before they are shipped.

Seriously-- Authors Anon did a wonderful job, and I am so pleased and chuffed to little mintballs. I'd given them some images of the original artwork from the time of A Yorkshire Tragedy and the real-life location of Calverley Old Hall in Yorkshire... and lo and behold. I am grateful for their hard work. Go check out their website (link above). Authors Anon is a tireless, talented advocate for new indie writers. Their beautiful site is full of great discoveries, new writers and their books, and a list of very useful links for all.

I'm off to get some pancakes. I have a craving for some weird reason.


  1. That's cool! I have noticed the past couple of years commercials and trailers for books. This is a really neat idea. I am sure they were around before I noticed, just here lately I have taken interest in these things haha

  2. Thanks TJ! It wasn't something I would have done without having the offer made-- I am glad I have a trailer, now that it's out. I posted it at Goodreads and sold a book right away!