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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bookish Things are Brewing this Month!

A lot seems to be happening around here for me this month...

Since experimenting with putting Base Spirits on KDP Select, I have noticed an increase in sales numbers. Nothing like enough for me to quit my day job (oh please, oh please...!!), but hey-- any improvement is a good thing, right? There will be another giveaway blast coming up next month in a big promotion with some fellow indie authors, so watch this space for the fun.

Reviews are coming in for Base Spirits, and they are very positive!

Jon P. Bloch from the Kindle Book Review called it 'an impressive debut' and posted this very kind review on my Kindle page today:

Kara Malinczak posted this lovely review on her Great Imaginations blog at the end of January:

Best of all are the kinds of reviews left by book-loving readers who just really liked the book. No one asked them to post a review, so it means the world when they give you 5 stars and leave comments like this one from my page:

"As a fan of Barbara Erskine I was intrigued by the plot of this book. Once started I could not put it down. The historical tragedy, coupled with the modern day tragedy of an abusive, controlling husband was inspired. Reading was tense from start to finish. Can't wait to read more by this author who has en- captured all the elements of great storytelling." (Thank you Josie, wherever you are!)

Later this month, I will be sitting in with a local book club as they discuss Base Spirits as their February selection. That should be fun! And this week I am doing two different features and promotions on websites... I'll post links once they are up.

I also have two NEW short stories being published this month!

Dark Light Anthology

'The Transformation' will appear on February 29th in the debut anthology Dark Light from an exciting new publishing company 'Crushing Hearts and Black Butterflies'. Here's a link to their book trailer:

I am also e-publishing a darkly disturbing, stand-alone tale 'Family Secrets' on Kindle this month. Watch this space for all the details, links and dates!

But for now, I'd better get some sleep and hit the ground running in the morning...


  1. Wow! Congrats on the great reviews and getting your short story published. I have only one story published and that was the greatest feeling in the word knowing that a publisher thought my story was good enough to be place in their book. I hope to have many more. The wife is getting me a Kindle for V-day so as soon as that puppy gets here I am downloading your book and hopefully by then Family Secrets will be up for download as well.

  2. Thanks TJ! I've had an earlier version of 'Family Secrets' (and many other stories) published here and there in various anthologies-- and it IS really great to know that a publisher liked my work enough to include in their book. Keep sending yours out-- sometimes it takes a few tries to get a 'yes', but it's worth it. Enjoy that Kindle, you two... !