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Monday, February 27, 2012

'Family Secrets' Revealed!!

Click here!

Hi everyone-

Despite the frantic month of February being... well... frantic!-- I have managed to get in under the wire as promised, and released my new short story 'Family Secrets' on Kindle! Click on the caption below Neil Jackson's excellent cover design to find it on Amazon. Here is the blurb:

A sinister short story about a family's long-buried secret...

Even as a young child, Jill had instinctively hated her grandfather-- and he'd always despised her just as deeply. Turns out her feelings were far from irrational...

During a summer vacation at the family cottage, Jill unearths the evil behind her Grandpa's dark personality. For years, everyone accepted that Grandma Annabelle's death had been a tragic accident. But what if Grandpa was guilty of her murder? Jill learns the horrible truth. Worse yet, Grandpa knows she's discovered his secret.

If an old man once committed a brutal murder, how far will he go to keep his past crime hidden? His terrified granddaughter is about to find out-- as Grandpa is due to visit over an extended family holiday...

(Includes a bonus novel excerpt from the author's acclaimed historical ghost thriller-- 'Base Spirits'.)

Here's that link again:

I'm pleased to say that on the very first day, sales exceeded the entire previous week's figures for Base Spirits! Hopefully word will spread, and having more work out there will make creating buzz and building readership a lot easier. I'm looking ahead toward next month at releasing another short story... and of course, the Dark Light anthology launch is this week... so my story 'The Transformation' will soon be available as well!

Busy times...


  1. Very exciting! If you don't mind me asking, how does a person go about getting a short story published through Amazon? And do you prefer this method over going through a traditional publisher? I know that you have been doing this for a while and seem to be pretty successful, that is why I ask. I don't want to hit it rich and famous, I just want folks to read my stories and say WOW! Good read haha.

  2. Hi TJ! To publish on Amazon, you need to sign up with Kindle Direct Publishing. All of the steps are laid out for you to do your own books. BUT! Just because it's so easy and free to do, a lot of people are jumping in before they are really ready to show their work to the world. If you make a poor first impression... well, it's not good. Polish a story first. Get it professionally edited. Have a great cover. Treat it professionally and hold yourself up to a high standard. In my case, I am trying to make a go of it-- I've paid my dues and developed my craft over a loooong time! Besides-- then there's the added hell of trying to market the book or else it gets lost amid the other hundreds of thousands of e-books.

    And if it's readership you want above all, there are a lot of on-line writer's sites that allow you to post work and get comments from other people to improve it (or just have them enjoy it.) You'll find many, many enthusiastic readers that way. I can't think of any of the names of the US ones off-hand, but a Google search for on-line writing communities should net some results. I am NOT trying to discourage you at all-- I used a UK site Authonomy for a while and it was instructive. I don't know what the site is like now-- it got to be a bit of a rat race and a king-of-the-hill type struggle-- but I did get some good tips and made good friends there.

  3. Thank you very much. I know that my writing needs A WHOLE BUNCH of editing. I consider myself more of a story teller than a writer. I do not think what I have in regards to a book will be ready for at least another year so that is what I will be working on but I want so bad for it to be done right now that it is driving me crazy haha. I know I just need to take my time and give the world the best story that I can offer, not something that I put out the first chance I get. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and I will be looking into those types of sites.

  4. Best of luck, TJ-- it's not a race! Enjoy the process and tell your stories.